Make Your Mind Blow Up in Water Blow Nusa Dua

Water Blow Nusa Dua

Bali as one of the very famous tourist destinations in Indonesia has that very wonderful place. Do you know about Water Blow Nusa Dua? As one of the very popular place, this tourist object has attracted both domestic and foreign visitors. Then, why the name is called as water blow? Have you ever thought about that? To answer that question, let’s get closer to that enchanting place.

Why Water Blow Nusa Dua?

It is like a beach which the water blows up to the air. But, why does it happen? It is because the water crush on the corals in a big wave, so that the water will blow up. The big wave and the strong pressure induce the water to create a big current inside of the center of the water. Such a beautiful performance when seeing water jump up to the sky, isn’t it?

Where Is It?

Located near the Grand Hyatt Nusa Dua hotel, it is easy to find this place. It is like the other tourist destinations, are crowded so that it is easily noticed. To make it easier, you can trace the BTDC areas, which stand for Benoa, South Kuta, Badung Regency, and Bali. When you are still confused, you can search it in the google maps or just ask for help with the people around there. The people are so humble so that you do not have to worry to ask them.

How To Get There?

From the headquarter of Bali, Denpasar just uses your car or motorcycle along the street until you find the Grand Hyatt Nusa Dua. When you reach the Grand Hyatt Nusa Dua hotel, just take steps to the location because the street is narrow. Just go forward and when you find a white gate names Water Blow Nusa Dua, then there you are. It is located precisely behind the hotel. So besides enjoying the beautiful water, you can plan to have a midnight there with your friends or relations.

What To Do?

So what to do there are you can do photo hunting, walk around, inhale the fresh air, and enjoy the beautiful sunset and sunrise. In doing photo hunting, you can choose in the very early morning or in the dusk, so that you can capture the sunrise or sunset behind you. Walk around the water is also another alternative to relax your feet and neurons with your friends or family.

What Not To Do?

Indonesia is located near Pacific and Atlantic Oceans including Bali, it makes you be aware of some warnings related to that place. It is helpful to avoid unexpected things happen. Here are some prohibitions you should avoid.

  • Don’t Swim. The pressure of the water is so strong so that people are not allowed to swim there. It is not the right place to enjoy swimming under the dangerous water. Moreover, there is no instructor there, so just be careful.
  • Dangerous Wave. The dangerous wave can drag people down to the center of the water. Thus, when you are near the water, please just make sure that you have considered your distance. Do not ever try to get very close to the water.
  • Slippery Corals. The corals are too slippery so that do not try to play on the corals. Besides, you should conserve the environment, the first thing you should do is save you, yourself.
    Pointed Corals. When you are here, make sure that you bring your shoes. Because naked feet cannot guarantee that you will be okay. To avoid the very sharp corals, just use them and do not try to couch it nakedly.
  • High Cliff. Due to the very high cliff, do not ever try to climb up the cliff. If you are not a professional, you may get an injury.