Mas Village: The Central Of Bali’s Artistic Wood Carving

mas villageArt is something inseparable when it comes to Bali and its cultures. The popularity of the wood carving emerges from the area that later well-known named as Mas Village. In this regard, the development of the wood carving work has been long influenced by the myths, beliefs and religion.

As time passes by, the work of wood carving has been transforming into new style since 1920-30s with the help of the Rudolf Bonnet and Walter Spies’s idea of taking another aspect beyond the religious purposes when carving the woods. In other word, Balinese now have freedom to express their mind and feel in the form of wood carving and its unique wood carvings produced by all people in Mas Village are thought to be the finest one in the world.

This is the reason why Mas Village also becomes one of the must-see destinations as you travel to Bali.

Where is it located?
If you are wood carving lovers and want to discover how the skilful Balinese create the finest wood sculptures, you are highly recommended to visit Mas Village. Located in Ubud District, Gianyar, this site has been long become the main destination of those who want to observe the distinctive style of arts that promote the balance of two aspects, namely naturalism and humanism.

Due to its strategic location that can be reached from any sites in Bali, those who want to get there can take any kind of vehicles. In other words, Mas Village is situated about 15km east to Ubud. What you will discover as you get into the site is the huge baby sculpture that represents the fertility and early life on how Balinese is strongly related to the dynamism, value, religious and philosophy. In addition, the statue also says about the cycle of life starting from the birth to death.

The development of the village
The fame of Mas Village is inseparable from the greatest sculptor that originally from that place. One of the most famous sculptors who identifies himself with his incredible masterpiece that nationally and internationally acknowledged worldwide is Ida Bagus Tilem.

In this regard, Ida Bagus Tilem along with many sculptors there have successfully transformed the face of Mas Village that used to be agrarian to the craftsman society that trades the souvenirs for the domestics or foreigners who come to visit the site. Even though the main focus of this village is in wood carvings, there is still any possibility of the development of another tourist attraction such as Rudana Museum which is considered as the monumental museum with distinctive collections such as paintings and any other various arts.

As you visit the Mas Village, you will not only discover about the hand-mad artistic sculptures but also some other tourist destinations which are located in the nearby site. In this case, if you head to south part of the village, you will arrive at Batuan Village that famous for its traditional Batuan paintings.

In the opposite direction, there will be Peliatan Village that is well-known for the Kerawitan gamelan and the traditional dances. As visitors head to west, they will reach Lod Tunduh village that produces finest paintings while in east, they will be in Kemenuh Village that is also famous for its wood carvings. Thus, as you plan to come over Mas Village, you will be presented with many various artistic man-made arts.