Melanting Waterfall, The Beautiful Waterfall In Buleleng

Melanting Waterfall

Buleleng has many potential places in tourism. As a regency in Bali, Buleleng offers many waterfalls for tourists. You can find Kroya Waterfall and Melanting Waterfall in this regency. Even Bali is popular with the beaches but waterfall in Bali has a unique characteristic. If you visit Bali island, do not forget to enjoy the beautiful waterfalls. You will have an unforgettable moment in this place.

Melanting Waterfall is located in Munduk village, Buleleng. It is a beautiful waterfall because it has the best scenery. Do you want to visit this waterfall? If yes, you must know more information about this beautiful waterfall. Read the information below, so you can have detail knowledge about your next destination.

More Information About Melanting Waterfall

Even Bali has many waterfalls, each waterfall has different characteristic. So you will find different scenery and condition in this waterfall. This the information about the waterfall in Munduk village:

1. Contribution Fee

If you has planning to have a cheapest holiday in Bali, it is a right destination for you. Of course caused it is really cheap enough. You just need to pay Rp.5000 each people. This contribution fee is used to fix all facilities around the waterfall. Local people still improve the area to be a great destination for tourist. Caused it is a new place, this waterfall must have many facilities to all the visitors that come here.

2. In The Middle Of Plantation

When you visit this waterfall, you will find many plantation. The location of the waterfall is between two plantations. The first plantation is coffee plantation and the second one is clove plantation. It means you can explore the great place caused you can study more about coffee and clove. Buleleng is a regency that popular with the product of plantations. The main commodities are coffee and clove.

3. Nearby From Munduk Waterfall

In this village, there are two waterfalls. Another waterfall is Munduk Waterfall. It called Munduk waterfall because the located in Munduk village. Caused located in the same village, you can explore Munduk Waterfall after you are satisfied to enjoy the first waterfall. Munduk Waterfall has best place to relax. You can ask local guide if you want to move to this waterfall. For a suggestion, make sure that your body in fit condition, because it needs extra energy.

4. Has Beautiful Scenery

People come here because the scenery is very beautiful. You can imagine a waterfall between a plantation and green hills. The combination of blue sky and green hills will make you relax and comfort. You can refreshing and improve your spirit in here. You can feel the fresh air

5. There Are Many Birds

Caused the location of the waterfall in the middle of forest you can find many birds. There are many kinds of birds in here. Tropical area such as Indonesia is the best place for habitat of birds. The sounds of birds add the quiet of this area. It is an amazing collaboration with the sound of water from the waterfall. It is like relaxation music from nature. Your mind will calm and relax after hear the sounds. Many people feel satisfied with the situation in this area. According to the visitors, It is the best place to get the new inspirations.

6. Has Nice Trekking

After you arrive in parking area, you will have nice trekking. Through clove and coffee plantation you will walk around the hills. Be careful with your steps, use a comfort shoes because the road is slippery enough. Do not bring many things in your bag. You will difficult to arrive to the waterfall. Save your energy to come back from the waterfall.
Holiday is a great time for many people. It is the best time to make a journey together with your family and your friends. Now, you can make a planning to visit Melanting Waterfall.