Miraculous Tanah Lot Temple With Sunset View and Ocean Snakes

Tanah Lot TempleyTanah Lot Temple is known as stunning sunset view. This sunset view attracts many people to visit. Many people ask when the right time to see sunset view in Tanah Lot Temple is. The right time for enjoying sunset view is around 4 pm until 7 pm. In that time, you can see wonderful sunset view in good weather.

Tanah Lot is suitable place to visit for vacation with your family or friends. In this area, there are many facilities around there. There are hotels, huge parking area, souvenir shop, restaurant, emergency facility, toilet, sunset terrace and many more. In there, you can also visit Tanah Lot cultural park.

Where is Tanah Lot Temple Located?

Tanah Lot Temple is located in the side of rural beach in Beraban. It is in Kediri Sub-district, Tabanan District, Bali Island. This temple is located around 30 km from Denpasar city. It around 11 km away from north side of Tabanan city. You can walk into temple easily because it just 20 meters from shoreline.

How is the History of Tanah Lot Temple?

Tanah Lot consists of two words. Tanah means island. Lot or Lod means ocean. So that, Tanah Lot means island which float in ocean. In Megalithic period, Tanah Lot is a holy place. Since, there is menhir there. Danghyang Nirartha is founder of Tanah Lot Temple. He influenced Bali people to believe in Hindu teaching and built that Sad Kahyangan in 16th of century.

This temple is built on 3 hectares coral flatland which consists of one courtyard as Jeroan. In the main building, there is a place to worship God in the shape of Baruna God or Segara God, knows as ocean power. Praying media of these Gods is on temple which is five storeys. In three storeys’ is for worshiping Dang Hyang Nirartha.
In that time, Dang Hyang Nirartha spreaded his teaching to people there. However, Bendesa Beraban Sakti thought his teaching is contradicted to Bendesa Beraban Sakti’s teaching. Then, he influenced people to keep Dang Hyang Nirartha away from his meditation place. So that, Dang Hyang Nirartha moved big stones as meditation place close into the ocean. Then, he created this temple.

Guardians of Tanah Lot Temple

In several angle from coral around this temple, you will see many tame snakes there. Those snakes are black and white color. People believe that those snakes are guard of this temple from bad influence. They are sort of God’s property. Even though ocean snakes are dangerous, but the case of snakebite is rarely happened. Because generally ocean snakes are passive.

These ocean snakes have scientific name which is Bungarus candidus. They will attack people who will attack the temple. However, they will stay calm and quiet inside cave which is close to the temple. Tourists can touch them with animal tamer which understand the snake characteristic. If you touch them and pray, your will be happening. It is one of the myths in there. You can believe it or not.


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