Nungnung Waterfall, The Attractive Waterfall For Tourist

Nungnung Waterfall

Badung is a regency in Bali that has many potentials in the tourism sector. There are many tourist destinations in this region such as Nungnung Waterfall. This waterfall located in Plaga village. The location of the waterfall is 900 meters above sea level. The topography of this area is unique enough. You can see much tropical vegetation in this location. Many tourists come here to enjoy the comfortable situation.

When you visit Bali island, do not only enjoy the beaches. Bali island has many beaches such as Sanur, Kuta and Lovina Beach. It is not a bad idea to visit another tourist destination such as this waterfall. It has uniqueness for all tourists. You can see attractiveness Badung from this waterfall. Before you visit this wonderful waterfall you must know information about it.

Information About Nungnung Waterfall

People who love travel and make their own journey will visit new attractive destination. Nungnung Waterfall is the attractive place for you. Before you visit this waterfall, you must know information about this object. Here information that you need:

1. The Entrance Fee

You must know that there is a contribution fee before you entrance this area. The entrance fee is Rp.7.500 each person. The contribution can depend on the situations. But do not worry because it is cheap enough for local and foreign tourist. The contribution is used to fix all the facilities in this location. You can give it to local people in there. For suggestion to you, it is better if you come here not in holiday. There are many tourists in here when holiday come.

2. Direction About The Route

If you never visit this waterfall, it is difficult to find it. You can follow these directions. From Ngurah Rai Airport, you can turn to Jl. By Pass Ngurah Rai. Next you must turn to Jl. Sunset Road until Jl. Jalan Raya Puncak Mangu in Petang region. In here there some directions for all visitors. You can follow the directions to arrive in the waterfall.

3. Facilities Around The Waterfall

There are many facilities in this place for all visitors. There are toilet, parking area and shelters. You can enjoy the scenery in the shelter. It is the best place in here to relax. You can take a rest in this shelter because you must need extra effort to up and down the stairs. There is a long stairs in here. You must walk on this stairs to arrive. It is the reason why you must have a fit body to explore this place.

4. Attractive Spots

There are many attractive spots in this area. There is a little bridge nearby the waterfall. Many people take pictures on the little bridge. Do not forget to prepare your camera before you visit the waterfall. It cause is really amazing to capture your moment in this place. The scenery is really beautiful. You can see many trees around the waterfall. Birds fly around the waterfall. The waterfall located in the middle of green forest.

5. Characteristics Of The Waterfall

The characteristic of the waterfall is good enough for visitors. You can swim in a pool. Under the waterfall there is a pool. But be careful there are many big stone in this place. If you cannot swim, you can sit on the big stone and play the water. The sound from the water is like a good therapy for you. Do not forget to bring your swimsuit. You can see a vow from the water that fall from the cliff. You must ready to get wet.

Enjoy your holiday in Nungnung Waterfall. You can visit it with your family and your friends. It is a special moment when you can spend time together with your family and your friends.