One Stop Information About Surf & Turf Nusa Dua Beach

Nusa Dua

When you visit Bali, you will be presented by numbers of natural tourist attraction. Not to mention the beaches. Bali offers you with exotic beaches you can’t get enough. The beaches in Bali are the perfect place for sunbathing, swimming, and the other extreme water sport. But if you want a different atmosphere, Surf & Turf Nusa Dua beach offers you the combination of a waterpark, beach club, and amazing sea view.

The Route To Surf & Turf Nusa Dua Beach

This water park is located at Nusa Dua of South Kuta. The location is specifically beside the Nusa Dua Beach, one of the famous beaches in Bali. To get there, you need approximately 30 minutes from the capital city Denpasar via Ngurah Rai Bypass. transportations are available if you don’t have your vehicle with you.

Ticketing And Operating Hours Of Surf & Turf Nusa Dua Beach

For the ticketing, activities package charges are available depends on your activity. The holiday fee is about 1.5 times higher than the weekday fee starts from 50K for single activity and 150K for package. This place is open from 10 am-8 pm daily. Each activity has its own operating hours, such as the surf rider which is closed at 7 pm, the beach activity is at 6 pm, and the restaurant is at 8 pm.

Activities At Surf & Turf Nusa Dua Beach

There are many exciting activities you can do at surf & turf. You can have the thrilling experience from the exciting activities at the waterpark. Or else, you can also enjoy your leisure time at the available place. The activities you can do at surf & turf are listed as follows:

1. Surfing

Interested in surfing but cannot face the huge wave on the open sea? Don’t worry, because surf & turf provides a spot for the surf rider. In this area, you can have surfing simulation, so that you can learn to ride wave properly. But don’t take it easy. The surfing area can present you the experience of wave riding just like what you can have on the open sea.

2. Waterslide

Waterslide in a waterpark might be a common thing. But what you find in surf & turf might be a whole new experience. You can make a very big splash by sliding from 6 meters tall water slide. Or else, you should try the excitement of sliding through the space bowl. You’ll slide from 9.5 meters height and be pulled through a huge bowl then let you flushed down the pool.

3. Canoeing

Do you want to enjoy the calmer water sport? You should try canoeing. This place provides you the calm water for your serene canoeing. Enjoy the moment of paddling on a canoe while admiring the spectacular view of Nusa Dua. Not only the single canoeing, the double canoeing boat is also available for canoeing moment with your partner. The instructors are also available for those with first time canoeing experience.

4. Bicycling

As we know, Nusa Dua is an area with many tourist attractions such as a museum, art gallery, shopping center, and entertainment center. And do you know that by visiting surf & turf you can get a chance to visit those places? Well, surf & turf provides you with many bicycles to push and visit all the nearby tourist sites. Take your time to enjoy Bali on your bike.

5. Bar And Restaurant

Feel worn out of your released excitement? It is the time to chill out with your friends and family. You just need to get to The Wave, a reputable restaurant within the Surf & Turf Nusa Dua. It offers you the fancy dishes you can’t deny. For the other option, you can have some light beer and beer while enjoying the spectacular sunset scenery. This place is the perfect spot to enjoy the relaxing vibe.