One Stop Information About Waterbom Bali.

Waterbom Bali

Most people come to Kuta Bali for the sunset view on the beach or enjoy the nightlife at Kuta. Some of them might also visit Kuta for its high-end shopping experience. But do you know that at Kuta we can also enjoy the excitement at one of the high-end waterparks at Kuta? Once you visit Kuta, never miss the chance to visit Waterbom Bali, one of the reputable waterparks at Kuta Bali.

Location of Waterbom Bali

Waterbom might be the best waterpark in Bali. It is located at Kartika Plaza Street, Kuta. It only takes 10 minutes walking from the famous Kata beach. Or else, you can take any kind of transportation to get there. The strategic location of Waterbom enables the visitors to stop by this place while visiting the other famous destinations at Kuta.

Ticket Information of Waterbom Bali

There are two categories of the ticket. The first is the entrance ticket for an adult which costs 289K. The second category is the ticket for children between 2 – 11 years old which costs 251K. However, the price doesn’t include some attractions such euro bungee and water blaster. If you don’t bring your cash with you, don’t worry as Waterbom can work with many paying methods.

Rides at Waterbom Bali

There are many rides you can enjoy during your visit to Waterbom. This place offers you three categories of rides which are mellow, moderate, and extreme. While children are mainly suitable for mellow and moderate rides, you should try the extreme one. Here are some extreme rides you should try at Waterbom.

1. Climax

You need a big courage to try this ride. On climax, you’ll slide almost vertically, being caught and whipped into an inverted loop. Then, you’ll be shot out to the crowd. Make sure you manage a good expression when the crowd watching you.

2. Twin racers

On twin racers, you can have a challenging competition with your partner. You’ll ride a mat with your head first, then being launched into the closed spiral tube, and then the big drop afterward. This ride combines fun and challenging experience for adult and children above 110 cm.

3. Fast And Fierce

do you enjoy something fast? You should try fast and fierce where two open slides let you and your partner slide down in thrilling speed. You might be addicted to the speed sensation and ask for more.

4. Smashdown

Are you sure you brave enough to go on this ride? You have to go in a capsule from 26 meters in which the floor will drop out anytime and let you lunch through the vertical drop in seconds. It is one of the rides with the perfect level of drench, thrill, and speed.

5. Pipeline

This ride enables you to enjoy the serene atmosphere of the skyline and the amazing view of the whole park from the height of 20 meters. Serene? Are you sure? Well, actually you’ll spin through the sharp turns. I’m not sure you can properly open your eyes at this ride.

6. Green Vipers

Green vipers offer you the combination of tangling tubes with the different path, speed, and coverage. You can choose either the fun open tube or closed tube for the more thrilling experience. You’ll enjoy the excitement of sliding from 20 m of height and prove which slide has the fastest path to the exit pool.

7. Boomerang

One of the most popular rides at Waterbom is the boomerang. The ride will bring you up and down the path again and again. Of course, it is in the thrilling height of 20 meters.

There are many more rides you can enjoy at Waterbom. Don’t worry about the safety, as Waterbom has been certified as one of the world-class waterparks in Asia. So, we can say that this place is worth the price.