Padang Padang Bali is Now Increasingly Popular Beach

Padang Padang beachThere are two beach that called Padang Padang Beach in Bali. But, so many people do not know that one of the popular. Padang Padang was ever used to shoot a film that very famous in the world. This beach is a quiet and hidden but it is often used by surfers to train their skills.

The beach suddenly become very famous after shooting the movie “Eat, Pray, Love”. Since then the existence of this beach is becoming increasingly popular among domestic and foreign tourists in the world.

The location of Padang Padang

Padang Padang is also known as Labuan Sait beach. To find Padang Padang Beach you do not have to find it difficult. This beach is right on the edge of Labuan Sait highway. For that, this beach is also often called Labuan Sait Beach.The beach has wide only 100 meters, the beach more often crowded by the traveler.

Labuan Sait Beach has fine sand and calm waves on the edge so, it is suitable for swimming and learning to surf. Padang Padang beach can be seen very clearly from the top of the bridge. To enter the beach area, you will descend through dozens of stairs. You will pass the temple that there are many benign monkeys.

After that, you will go through a winding staircase that is quite draining. Passed the temple, you pass through a narrow passageway then you will see the beach. You will be surprised after seeing Padang Padang Beach which was very beautiful indeed.

If you take a walk around this beach you can be more comfortable with wearing footwear. Bring also drinks and snacks because no one sells food here. Due to the silence of this beach, you can use it to read a book, or write to get a new inspiration.

The beauty of Padang Padang

Padang padang beach is very unique, this beach is also to penetrate a narrow cave which is located just below a temple where the worship of God Baruna or the God of the Sea. The temple is highly respected by the fishermen who are life there.

There are many ways to enjoy the beaches of the desert like just looking over the beach from the bridge, or see the beauty of the beach and feel the soft sand beach. The quite place sometimes can be use for relaxing.

The waves on the beach of padang padang are very well known by the surfers in the world, although the waves malignant but, it is not dangerous if hit the beach, the waves for the surfers is at the middle the sea. Thus, this beach is host series surfing in the world competitions which held regularly in every year.

Visiting the Padang Padang Beach in the afternoon until dusk, you will see the most beautiful sunset accompanied by light that bounces on the surface of the sea with spectacular clouds, this can happen if the weather is sunny. Therefore, if you want to enjoy the sunset on the padang padang beach, I suggest you to come here avoid during the rainy season.