Pandawa Beach a Secret Beach in Bali

pandawa beach kutuh baliHave you ever heard of pandawa beach. Or you are one of the people who finding out where the location of pandawa beach. My article will discuss about one of the beautiful beaches that not many people known. This beach is called “Pandawa Beach”.

Actually, Pandawa beach has been discovered long time ago , but because of the access to get there is bad, then the people who visit this beach is very rare. Located behind the cliffs make only certain people who come here. therefore this beach is also often called by the name Secret Beach.

Seeing the potential of Pandawa Beach, Bandung district government did not remain silent, then made the driveway past the steep cliffs. To make the driveway, they must divide the cliffs that block the beauty of the beach pandawa. The result, with a length of 1.5 km road adds to the attractiveness pandawa beach.

Pandawa beach location and map.

Pandawa beach located in South Bali. exactly in the village Kutuh, District of South Kuta, Badung. The beach is located quite close to the tourist center in Bali such as Kuta, Nusa Dua and Sanur. The distance of Kuta about 18 Kilometers. 1 hour enough time to get to this place.

road to pandawa beach

The path to the beach pandawa equal to some other interesting attractions like the GWK cultural park, Dreamland beach, Padang padang beach and Uluwatu temple. So, if you’ve ever been to one of these places, I think it is not difficult to find Pandawa Beach.

For more details, please refer to the following map pandawa beach:

If you are still having trouble finding your way to the Pandawa Beach, you can use the  bali car rental with driver services . they will be happy to take you there.

Where did the name Pandawa Beach taken.

The beach is called Pandawa Beach because it has big statues of the five Pandawa ( character of Mahabarata). The statue sculpture made on the cliffs around.

statue at pandawa beach

After the entrance are made, now the beach is much visited by tourists. A lot of people who want to go there, or just want to know information about the white sandy beaches. It is clearly visible from search volume of google keyword  “Pandawa Beach ” which is quite high.

Things to do at Pandawa Beach.

Just like other beaces in Bali, it has a white sand beach with clear water. Very suitable as a family vacation spot. there you can try a traditional massage, enjoy the warmth of the tropical sun, swimming or canoeing that much in rent right there.

For those of you who like water sports, you will not find on this beach. Water sport is not yet developed in this area. You can go to Tanjung Benoa which is a water sport center in Bali. located not too far from the Pandawa beach . Approximately 1 hour car ride.

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Accommodation and restaurant.

This beach (also often called Kutuh Beach) is located  in tourism area . thus supporting facilities such as accommodation and restaurants can be found very easily. you can easily find a lot of hotels and villas with a wide range of classes.

Tour to the beach Pandawa.

If you are interested in a tour to the pandawa beach , you can book a uluwatu tour. Other than pandawa beach, this tour will take you to visit the GWK, Uluwatu temple, watch Kecak, and ends the tour will be a dinner at the Jimbaran. Just contact us if you are interested.