Perfect Holiday at Dream Land Beach – Bali

Dream Land BeachPlanning to spend your holiday at Dream Land Beach maybe could be the greatest idea to concern. As you know, beach is one of the famous holiday destinations to go, especially for people who love enjoying the beauty of nature. That’s why one of the most popular beaches in Bali is Dream Land Beach. The beach is so wonderful that would make you never regret ever been here.

If you are one of the countless people who prefer outdoor vacation to refresh your body and mind, of course beach must be one of the top holiday destination references to go. Well, as mentioned above, one of the well known beaches because of its beauty is Dream Land Beach located in Indonesian’s gorgeous city, Bali.

What makes Dreamland Beach admired by people worldwide including domestic and foreign tourists is because it presents the clear water accompanied by exotic white sand also natural coral reefs. No wonder if this lovely beach often chosen by million couples as their pre-wedding photographs location. Many films even choose this beach as great shooting location.

When discussing about Dream Land Beach, of course it will not talk about its beauty only, but also about so many challenging and interesting outdoor activities you could do while spending your holiday time, there. Besides, many facilities are also provided near its surrounded area. You are able to access hotel, transportation, and other holiday accommodations easily.

Let’s find out more detail about those things as follows!

Amazing Outdoor Activities You Could Do at Dream Land Beach

1. Surfing
As told you before, Dream Land Beach not only beautiful, the combination of the wind and water there will support you to enjoy the incredible waves for having a great surfing time. When you arrived in this amazing beach, don’t be surprised to see many people surfing amazingly.
2. Sunbathing
Dream of having beautiful tan skin tone? It’s the perfect place to make your dream comes true. You will find the perfect sunlight here that will make you enjoying sunbathing until you forget that the sunset will come soon!
3. Swimming
Right, that’s what the beaches are for! Swimming. Going to the beach and not swimming? What unfortunate it is. Swimming could be so fun in this lovely beach because the water is so clear. However, don’t forget to apply your sun-block lotion to prevent your skin get sun burned.
4. Play with the sand
White sand offered by Dream Land Beach is so fantastic. It is really soft. So, you can take your kids play together with you to make sand castle or you can even burry yourself in the sand. Feel how perfectly soft the sand touches your skin entirely.

Available Facilities at Dream Land Beach

Get thirsty after doing unbelievable outdoor activities at Dream Land Beach? No worries. Many facilities are available here. So, no matter hungry or thirsty, you can find what you need there, simply. Well, what exactly the available facilities you can find in this beach?

  • Cafeteria, restaurant, and snack bar
  • Toilet
  • Souvenir shops
  • Rentable chairs and benches
  • Hotels and motels available near the surrounded area of the beach

Anyway, one thing you need to know, no need entrance fee for you who want to go to Dreamland Beach. Wow, what amazing beach reference to go, right?