Rafting in Bali that you may not know

white water river rafting in Bali

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What do you think of when you hear the word adventure tour? probably most of you would immediately think about rafting. yes sports tour this one is highly favored by those who visit Bali.

But before trying rafting in Bali, there is some information that you should know so that you get a fun rafting experience.

white water rafting in Bali

Bali is a small island that has a full natural potential, from beautiful beaches to enchanting mountain. small rivers flowed with clear water and a strong current. with this potential, river rafting in Bali is growing. rafting is quite challenging, and not too dangerous is suitable for rafting activity. and of course safe for families of children even to the elderly.

Nature around the river are also very supportive. green scenery, fresh air, birds chirping and several small waterfalls, is the main attraction in bali rafting . And Below is some important information that you should know about rafting in bali

Main River Rafting Place in Bali

Bali has a lot of small rivers with a beautiful view. but here I will discuss three major rafting place in Bali. each place has its own uniqueness. to be more clear, let’s discuss one by one.

1. Ayung river.

Ayung River Located in the village of Payangan Ubud Bali. stretches along 62.5 km from Payangan to Sanur. to reach this place in need less than one hour from Ngurah Rai airport. along the way you will pass several tourist attractions such as Kuta, Sanur and Denpasar city.

With the strong current and quite challenging water flow make this river rafting a favorite place. every day there are many tourists who do rafting here. Along the river you can see several small waterfalls. and you will pass through an area with a unique cliff. These cliffs carved by local artists. This place is usually made in place to take pictures.

 2. Telaga waja river

Telaga Waja river located in eastern Bali. This river runs through the Muncan village , Karangasem. it took about 1.5 hours from Kuta to get to this place.

Telaga Waja rafting provide a more challenging experience, because this river has rapids level 4. Or one level above the Ayung river which only have level 3. Near the finish line you will pass through the rapids as high as 4 meters. high enough to make you hold your breath.

The view that offered is different than Ayung river. there we could see green rice fields with Mount Agung as backdrop. really an atmosphere you can’t miss out.

3. Melangit river

The river is located in Klungkung regency. Bakas Village is a place where the rafting activity at the start. to reach this place takes approximately 30 minutes from Kuta.

Melangit River have more than 30 rapids with 1 to 4 meters high. quite challenging for rafting activities. with swift river currents and sharp turns, you can feel his hard impact with the wall of the river.

Along the river you can see a green natural scenery, waterfalls, birds chirping, local community activities as well as the wild monkeys swinging in the trees.

Long and  duration of bali rafting.

From third option of rafting place which I described above, which has longest  track and  duration is Telaga Waja River. The second is the Ayung river. and the shortest is the melangit river . though more clearly let’s look at the comparison table below

Telaga waja river :

  • Length: 16 kilometers
  • Duration: 2.5 hours

Ayung river :

  • Length: 12 kilometers
  • Duration: 2 hours

Melangit river :

  • Length: 7,5 kilometers
  • Duration: 1,5 hours

River Rafting equipment

To ensure the safety of the participants, all rafting service providers in Bali  use of strict safety standards. before the start of rafting, all participants must be given safety instructions for wading rivers. from how to wear life jackets, sitting in a boat, to how to swim when the boat overturned.

All safety procedures that are supported by an international standard rafting equipment. The following is a list of rafting equipment that is in use in bali rafting:

  • Inflatable boat
  • Safety helmets
  • Life jacket
  • Paddle

Each boat filled with 4 participants and one guide. He was in charge of driving the rubber boat and make sure the participants can enjoy the atmosphere on the boat.

Bali Rafting Itenary.

We can get a free hotel shuttle service. rafting price that we pay is usually already include transportation services. so we are just waiting for pickup at the hotel. and after completion of rafting, we will be escorted back to the hotel.

Rafting activity usually starts from record number of participants. This is done by the registration staff or front office. Furthermore, the distribution of rafting equipment. each participant will given a set of equipment, such as, life jacket, safety helmet and paddle.

Then the guide will give information about the correct way to paddle, how to sit on a boat. how to swim properly. how to save themselves when the boat overturned. also things that can and can not do along the river.

Before boarding the boat, the participants will be divided into groups. where each group contains 4 participants. and guided by one guide.

After all is ready, then the boat moving down the river. along the river guides will steer the boat toward a interesting places. if you bring a waterproof camera, be a very good idea to take some pictures along. river.

Rafting prices already include lunch.

At the finish line, there is a place to shower, change clothes and restaurants that provide buffee lunch. It is included in the rafting package. After enjoying Indonesian menu. usually there are places that sell photo documentation. photo taken during our rafting. you can buy a few pictures of yourself as memories.

Note: For your convenience, is strongly recommended to wear rubber shoes and bring a waterproof camera. although in the boat provided a place to put a regular camera and other electronics in the boat.

White water rafting price ( Bali)

The price  offer for rafting in Bali are verry diverse. each offering a different price. just try your search in google with keywords ” bali rafting “, then check the price of each website. you will find the price average above US $ 50 / pax, although there are some below it.

So the question is, why the price offered is far different from one provider to another. whether service quality is different. or less guarantee of good safety?

Here I will unlock secrets about the price of rafting in Bali for you. actually there is no standarprice for rafting in Bali.  high price difference is caused by the size of the providers take profit.

For safety and service standards issue , almost all the same. the same rafting place and the same services. now,  it’s up to you to choose.

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Tips on how to get a cheap price rafting voucher

If you are looking for a rafting with low price but still reasonable. The following tips may help you.

  1. First make sure that you select the rafting place, whether you choose teaga waja , ayung river or melangit river . you can use my explanation above as a consideration.
  2. Do a price comparison. the fastest way to compare prices is to do a search on google with keyword “bali rafting”, “bali rafting price”, “Ayung rafting”, “telagawaja rafting” or “Melangit rafting”. after it opened as many websites that show up in search results. note each price and find the cheapest price.
  3. Rafting usually offer cheaper when in combination with other tour packages such as tanah lot, Uluwatu, Ubud or kintamani. to get a good price simply search the word “bali rafting tour” in google.
  4. After finding a suitable price, contact them to book a rafting package. I think The faster we book will be a better . this is to avoid price changes.



River Rafting in Bali be an activity that must be tried. with choice of places such as  Ayung river, Telaga waja and Melangit river, making rafting as an interesting option. each place has its advantages and disadvantages. the price is very diverse. but if we are careful. we can get a rafting  voucher at very cheap price with the same service.