Reasons Why You Should Go To Circus Waterpark With Your Families

Circus Waterpark

The most awaited moment of a family is a school holiday. Planning a vacation place must have been thought by the father and mother. Especially a fun holiday place for their children. Have you already planned an exciting vacation spot for a vacation? Sometimes you must be confused to choose which place is suitable for your children. Why is Circus Waterpark one of the holiday destinations that must be on your holiday list? This is the reason.

1. Near to The Airport

The location of Circus Water Park is very strategic. Located on Kediri street, Tuban, South Kuta makes that location not far from Ngurah Rai International Airport. You just need 3 hours to arrive there. It is so close rather than traveling to the beach. On the road, you and your family can rest in your car, gathering energy to have fun on the water tour later. This tour operates from 10 am to 6 pm. Of course, you will very satisfied to enjoy all the rides in it.

2. Cheap and Many Discounts

circus waterpark kuta bali

Besides near to the airport, Circus Waterpark often gives discounts. Normal ticket price for adults is Rp 150.000 and children Rp 100.000. It is so cheap, is not it? Especially with the discounts are often given. You can find discounts on tour and travel applications with cheaper rates. In fact, there is also a discount by inviting some people. Special Bali residents have special prices by showing the original Bali ID card. With a friendly price, you can play as much as with your family in all water rides In addition to discounted admission, you can also check the price of the package with various benefits at a price that is definitely cheaper.

3. There is a Children’s Special Aircraft

circus waterpark kuta bali

Like the water park in general, Circus Waterpark also provides a playground for children. The main purpose of a family to this place is to make children happy playing fun water rides. With a lot of water rides, you can invite children to feel the Pinisi Boat with various waterslide and climbing area of the child combined with a beautiful color will make children happy. There is also a Mini Spiral Slider, a small circular but not too big slider that is perfect for children’s play area. Parents need not worry. Then there is the Spill Bucket, a giant bucket of 10 liters of water ready to flush the children’s bodies that create satisfaction for the child. Then, Speed Racing Slider, three colorful sliders that show the slide with high speed but safe for children. All the rides are safe and fun for the child.

4. The Exciting Rides For Adults

For father and mother who want to feel the excitement. Many exciting rides include Wave Slider, a giant launcher that will take you down with tires. There is also a Spiral Slider with a height of 10 meters which will definitely challenge the adrenaline. Then there is the Speed Spiral Slider, the sensation gliding at high speed from a height of 10 meters. So, for parents who are tired of waiting for children can try water rides for the adult.

5. Convenient and Complete Facilities

Besides exciting water rides and suitable for children, Circus Waterpark also provides several facilities that will make the family holiday more perfect. You can feel the Circus Kitchen with a variety of delicious food. There is also Circus Relax, can be used to celebrate birthdays with a capacity of 80 people. Then, there is a clothing store and swimming equipment and Circus Store. There is also a rental gazebo for a family gathering, and rental lockers to keep luggage safe always. All these facilities can be rented either by reservation or directly. Holidays become more complete with facilities above.

So, still hesitate to vacation in this largest water park in Bali? Do not be hesitate. Your vacation will be fun and unforgettable with Circus Water Park. Purchase the tickets now and instantly feel the excitement in them.