Sekumpul Waterfall, Hidden Waterfall In Bali

Sekumpul Waterfall

Do not only think about beach when you want to visit Bali. Many people do not know that Bali has other tourist destinations such as lakes, beautiful field, and a hidden waterfall. Have you ever hear about a hidden waterfall in Bali? Sekumpul waterfall is a hidden waterfall in Bali that has good scenery. You can visit this waterfall with your friends. This destination is recommended for teenagers. You need extra effort to explore this destination.

Bali has many waterfalls such as Tibumana Waterfall, Peguyangan Waterfall, and Gitgit Waterfall. All of the waterfalls are beautiful and still virgin. Another waterfall that really exotic is Sekumpul Waterfall. If you want to visit this waterfall, you should know about the uniqueness of this waterfall. After that, you can make a planning to spend your holiday in this place.

The Uniqueness Of Sekumpul Waterfall

Spend your holiday in this waterfall is a great idea because it is a cheap enough for local visitors. You just need to pay Rp.5000 to enjoy all the scenery in this waterfall. This waterfall located in Sekumpul village, regency of Buleleng Bali. These the uniqueness of the waterfall:

1. More Than One Waterfall

In fact, there are more than one waterfall in this location. It is the reason why people call it Sekumpul. Sekumpul means many things that mix be one. The water fill a pool under the waterfall. You can swim under this waterfall. Remember that in here there is no a public facilities such as toilet. So, make sure that you have preparation before you visit this waterfall.

2. In The Middle Jungle

The waterfall located in the middle of jungle. There are many big trees around the waterfall. You can find many wild animals in this area. Do not disturb the wild animal. Even you find a snake, do not kill the snake. The best moment, you can hear may sound from wild bird. It is a great combination when the sound of water meets with the sound of birds. You are forbid to hunt the birds in this area.

3. Has A Good Trekking

If you are the real traveler, you will love the trek. As suggestion you must rent a guide to give you the direction. The trek is difficult enough for the new visitors. Actually, it is hard trekking for you and your friends. You must walk on stairs and the conditions is slippery. Be careful when you visit this waterfall. You must watch out the children that join in this trekking. It is danger enough for them.

4. Still Natural And Virgin

Even the trekking is hard enough. You can find the waterfall that still virgin. It is means there is no crowded in this area. You just need to relax and enjoy the scenery. Many people take pictures in this place. You can bring your camera and capture your holiday in this waterfall. There is no a photographer in this place. So, you must bring your camera from your house.

5. Has Two Colors Water

The last uniqueness in the waterfall is the water. The water in this waterfall can divided into two colors. The first color is clear and transparent. It caused the water comes from a good source on the cliff. The second one is brown because it is from rivers. After you see the water, you can conclude that it is amazing of nature. Water in here is safe for all visitors. You can swim and use this water. Remember that you must keep the water. Do not throw trash in the pool.

Get the great experience after you visit this waterfall. Sekumpul waterfall is an amazing waterfall in Buleleng. You can enjoy the scenery and the water. Make your planning now and then make your preparation.