Singsing Waterfall, Enjoy Bali Hidden Treasure!

Singsing Waterfal

Do you know that Bali Island has many hidden treasures? In fact, Bali or Dewata Island has many hidden treasures for all tourists in the world. The hidden treasures are lake, field, and waterfalls. One of the hidden treasures in Bali is Singsing Waterfall. This waterfall located in Temukus village, Buleleng. Buleleng is the region in Bali that saves many great destinations for tourist. When you visit Bali, you can spend your time in this place.

When talking about Bali, you must think about a beautiful beach such as Lovina Beach, Kuta Beach, and Sanur Beach. Commonly, Bali is popular with the beautiful beaches. In another side, you must try new object in Bali such as this waterfall. The waterfall has many special things for all tourists. It is recommended for you that love a quiet place.

7 Special Things In Singsing Waterfall

Before you make a planning to enjoy the waterfall, you must know what the special things from this object. After you get more information, you can make a preparation for your holiday. Here there are seven special things from Singsing Waterfall:

1. Divided Into Two Parts

Nobody knows why this waterfall is called Singsing. But in a fact this waterfall divided into two parts. The first part is around 600 meters from the near village. Then the second one is around 100 meters from the first part. In the second part, there is a big stone under the waterfall. It makes the water is like breaks into some parts. If you want to enjoy the second waterfall, you must walk between cliffs.

2. Has Clear And Transparent Water

Water in this waterfall is transparent enough. You can see the bottom of the pool under the waterfall. You can play water in hear. Be careful because there are many big stones in this area. The stones are slippery, it is danger enough if you are not slowly. The water is fresh and cold. You can fill fresh when you use the water.

3. Nearby Lovina Beach

Do you know about Lovina Beach? Lovina beach is a beautiful beach that has many dolphin. After visit this waterfall, you can move to the Lovina Beach. The waterfall nearby Lovina beach. It is around 3 km from the waterfall. It is a great occasion when you can visit more than one destinations in one day.

4. Has A Historical Monument

In this area there is a historical monument. In 1868, Netherlands built a statue to respect their soldier that died in the war. It is a symbol that Balinese people were strong caused able to killed invaders. If you visit this waterfall, do not forget to visit this monument. It caused, you can study about history.

5. Nearby Rice Field

The waterfall is nearby from rice field. The rice field completes the beautiful scenery in this place. You can see the farmers that plant rice in the field. It is good scenery for all visitors. You can take many pictures in this place.

6. There Are Many Birds

You will hear many sound of birds. In this location, there are many wild birds. All the birds are protected with government and local people. Do not disturb them or hunt them. Keep the environment stay clean. Be a good tourist when you enjoy this waterfall.

7. In Hidden Place

If you like a quiet place, it is a good destination for you as tourist. The location of the waterfall is hidden from many crowded. You can feel relax in this place. It is really different with other tourist destinations.

Now you can call your friends and invite them to enjoy the waterfall together. Make your holiday be a perfect holiday. Bali is the best island and offers many hidden treasures for you.