Subak Museum as the Best Traditional Agriculture Museum of Bali

Subak MuseumIf you are in Bali right now and need such great information of tourism destination place to go, well, Subak Museum could be incredible recommendation for you! What offered by this famous museum located in Bali is all about historical agricultural of Bali origins. The exhibited goods in Subak Museums will let you know Bali’s traditional irrigation system since in the ancient time.

Many people love historical things. Most of them also have great curiosity to get the exact information on how Bali people develop their agricultural system to produce foods with limited technology at that time. Other museums may exhibit antique arts, but different with Subak Museum, it will lead you to know Bali’s ancient irrigation that used long time ago for agriculture field.

Besides, visiting Subak Museum also enlighten the visitors to know traditional agriculture equipment that used and applied by Bali people in long time ago. So, visiting this museum is the best way to get the exact information of both Bali’s culture and history. Because of this matter, no wonder if this museum used to be chosen by students when having study tour to Bali.

Anyway, the question that may come to your mind could be: Is traditional Bali irrigation and agriculture so interested? Why it becomes so famous until many students want to study and take comparison about it? Well, let’s keep going on to read this article, then you will find the answer also the reason why!

Traditional Irrigation System of Ancient Bali’s Agriculture Exhibited in Subak Museum

Among any other irrigation systems that available in Indonesia, ancient Bali’s agriculture adopted a unique interesting way of irrigation system. That’s why one of the famous museum in Bali which is Subak Museum try to show to the world about how unique it is as one of the precious historical Bali’s culture that need to be kept survive until now.

Actually Subak is an area in Bali that well-known as a famous place to produce high quality rice. It is because the rice fields in Subak Area have been supported by great traditional irrigation system since a long time ago until now. Bali’s traditional irrigation system actually applies Bali’s origin concept which called as Tri Hita Karana.

This Bali’s traditional irrigation concept consists of “Parahyangan” which is the related between humans and god, “Pawongan” which is the relation between humans and other humans, and “Palemahan” which is the relation between humans and the environmental near their living. In Museum of Subak, all related Bali’s origin irrigations (terraces irrigation) are exhibited clearly.

Location and Operation Time of Subak Museum

If because of this information then you really plan to visit Subak Museum in any spare time of yours, then visiting this museum is easy to reach because it is located at on Jalan Gatot Subroto II, Banjar Anyar of Kediri Regency, Bali – Indonesia. This area is located in strategic area of Bali, so it is easily reachable.

The operation time of Subak Museum is every Monday, Thursday, and Saturday started from 7.30 a.m. up to 1.00 p.m. So, are you ready to visit this incredible museum in Bali?