Tamblingan Lake, An Exotic Lake In Buleleng Bali

Tamblingan Lake

Bali is a special place for local and foreign tourists. You can find many tourist destinations in Bali such as the beach, waterfall, and lake. One of the lake in Bali is Tamblingan lake. This lake is located in Munduk village at Buleleng of regency. This Lake is near Buyan Lake and Beratan Lake. The government keeps the environment around this lake from pollution. This lake is made natural destination without any modern items.

Word of Tamblingan comes from Balinese language, tamba and Elingang. Tamba means medicine and Elingang is remember. We can conclude that Tamblingan means a water that has function as a medicine for all people around this lake. There are many special things in this lake. It is a good destination for your next holiday with your family. All the special things in this lake are good reason why you must visit this lake.

5 Special Things In Tamblingan Lake

Before you start your journey in Bali, it is better if you make a planning. First, you must know about the special things from your destination. Actually, Tamblingan lake has many special things and you must know about this facts. These 5 special things from this lake:

1. There Are Many Pura

Around this lake you can find many pura. Do you know about pura? Pura is a place for Balinese to pray and do some traditions. Actually, pura is a place that rich with culture and history. It is like a holy place. In here, there are Pura Endek, Pura Dalem Temblingan, Pura Ulun Danu, Pura Gubug and Pura Tirta Mengening. Then there are Pura Naga Loka, Pura Pengungkiran, Pura Pengukusan, Pura Embang, Pura Tukang Timbang and Pura Batulepang.

2. Has Many Public Facilities

This lake has many public facilities for all visitors. You can use all the facilities in this place. You should pay some contributions for enjoy all the facilities. Relax because the cost is cheap enough. The facilities are parking area, boat for fishing and lodging. Around the lake, there are many restaurants. You can drink coffee in this restaurant and then enjoy some traditional food from Bali. If you want to stay in here, you can visit some hotels in this area.

3. Nearby From Other Tourist Destinations

After you visited this lake, you can move to other destinations. There are many destinations that near from this lake. You can move to Buyan Lake, Lovina Beach, Munduk Waterfall and Gitgit Waterfall. It is a great journey, if you can visit many destinations in one day. You can visit lake, beach and waterfall in one day of your traveling. In addition you must have a good transportation to make you move to another destination easily.

4. Rich With Legend And Myth

This lake is rich with legend and myth. According to Balinese, this lake has water that have a magic and spiritual power. The history from this lake was written in Lontar Kutara Kanda Dewa Purana Bangsul. There is a story that told there was an epidemic in 4 villages. All the people were sick and got illness. God creates a medicine for all the people, the medicine is a lake that called Tamblingan.

5. There Are Many Monkeys

Do you like with monkey? People know that monkey is an animal that love to climb trees. In this area, monkey is a sacral animal. Although, there are many monkey in this area, you can not disturb them. It caused all the monkeys are protected by Balinese and government. Monkey in this area is friendly to all tourists. Remember that you must keep your bag from them. They can take your bag because they think there are some food in your bag.
After knowing about special things in Tamblingan lake, you should come here and create your story. Do not forget to bring your camera. The scenery in this lake is beautiful enough. It is better if you take many pictures in this location.