The Attractive of Bloo Lagoon Beach in Padang Bai Bali

Bloo Lagoon beachBloo Lagoon Beach becomes an attractive beach for travelers. This beach is quite so that it can feels like being on a private beach. Bloo Lagoon is a hidden beach that actually has a very charming beauty like other beaches in Bali.

The beauty of this beach is also like a paradise for snorkeling lovers. Although, Bloo Lagoon is still one location in Padang Bai Beach and Biak Tugel Beach, but the white sand is very different than both. White sand at Bloo Lagoon is more rugged and large, not the same as in Bias Tugel Beach and Padang Bai Beach which has softer sand.

White sand at Bloo Lagoon

Most visitors to Bloo Lagoon Beach are foreign and Indonesian. International and local visitors are few who want to visit this hidden beach. As a tourism you can do many kinds activities for example, swimming, playing sand, or just sunbathing arround the beach.

Some of these activities became a hobby of foreign tourists.
This beach is a favorite location for local and international tourists for snorkeling. The beauty of coral reefs and fish on this beach can bewitch anyone to take more time at the bottom of the sea. When you see the underwater charm you can find morish idols, fish cows, murrays, turtles and sometimes reef sharks.

The Charm of Bloo Lagoon

When the waves, this beach is high only about one to three meters. It is recommended for snorkeling should be, when the waves subside to avoid strong currents because the location is in the Badung strait. So, must be careful and give priority to safety while witnessing the natural beauty under the waters of Bloo Lagoon Beach.

If you want to do snorkeling activity, snorkeling equipment rental available with rental price Rp 25.000,- per item. But, if you pay the price of Rp 75.000,- you will get the complete equipment, such as mask, fin and buoy.

The underwater of Bloo Lagoon is the natural beauty

There are adequate facilities on this beach, there are even hotels near Bloo Lagoon beach that located on the hill. The atmosphere of the hotel is far from the noise of the city, thus ensuring you to enjoy a more peaceful holiday with treats of beautiful natural scenery and pamper your eyes.

Location Bloo Lagoon

Bloo Lagoon is located in Padang Bai Village, Manggis District, Karangasem Regency, precisely on the east side of Bali Island. Bloo Lagoon beach is located east of Padang Bai Beach, and it is about 800 meters from Padang Bai Harbor.

How to Get to Bloo Lagoon Karanganyar?

Can depart from Denpasar City by taking about 1,5 hours. Then reach the port of Padang Bai takes 10 to 20 minutes to reach the beach location. Free admission to enter the Bloo Lagoon but you only pay a parking fee of Rp 5000 for the car.

To reach the Bloo Lagoon beach, visitors must walk down the stairs for 5 minutes. Although tiring, everything will be paid with beautiful scenery plus a quiet atmosphere makes this beach more privacy. It is suitable to rest and eliminate fatigue after tired of activity.