The Enchanted Jagat Natha Temple at the East Area of Denpasar – Bali

Jagat Natha TempleGod’s Island of Indonesia called Bali is always interested to discuss, another enchanting place in Bali as your awesome reference is Jagat Natha Temple. The beauty architecture design of this historical Hindu’s temple really makes this place into one of the top listed Bali tourism destinations to go. Talking about Jagat Natha Temple, so many great things you can find there.

Generally, this wonderful historical Hindu’s temple is located at East Denpasar Regency in Bali. Its beauty truly attracts people to come and see how magnificent architecture designs provided in the entirely area of this temple. Because of that reason, no wonder if this temple becomes one of the highly recommended recreation places for people worldwide.

Domestic and foreign tourists used to visit this place during weekends and weekdays. So, if you plan to visit Jagat Natha Temple, actually you don’t have to wait until the weekend comes. Not only presents enchanting architecture design, this temple is also high enough which is reaching 15 meters surrounded by pond completed with lotus plants and thousand fishes live inside.

The Reason Why Jagat Natha Temple is so Attractive
In this recreation area, actually there’s main holy temple in the middle and yet many other small temples spread in the entirely area. At the main temple, there’s the holly spot called padmasana made by white coral which consists of the empty throne as the symbol of heaven. It also consists of cosmic turtle and two dragon snake myth creature statues as the symbol of the earth.

Different with any other boring religious places, Jagat Natha Temple is totally incredible covered by all magnificent designs and styles. When you are going to step-in into this Hindu’s temple, you will see gorgeous entrance gate designed in beautiful pattern of Hindu’s famous gods on its wall. Natural stones as the main part of this temple building also carved gloriously.

Information of Facility and Transportation at Jagat Natha Temple

If reading the mentioned information above makes you feel curious about what facilities provided by Jagat Natha Temple as incredible recreation area, actually there are so many facilities available there that will make you really feel comfort while spending time there. Besides, this famous tourism place is also simply reachable. Let’s see detail facilities it has below:

  • Wide enough parking area
  • Cozy and chic outdoor garden to let you walk comfortably while enjoying fresh air
  • Clean toilet
  • Rest area
  • Traditional food sellers
  • Restaurants, and even
  • Hotels

Recommended transportation to take
Principally most people who visit Jagat Natha Temple use their own private vehicle to enjoy all facilities there. It’s no worry at all to drive their own private vehicles such as cars and motor bikes to go there because it has wide enough parking area. Getting an available space to park would not be overwhelmed, then.

However for both visitors who come from outside Denpasar City and foreign countries also don’t have to worry about the needed accommodation and transportation, because there are many public transportations available there that could be used by you to reach this famous Hindu’s Temple.