The Floating Temple Pura Ulun Danu Temple Hipnotizes Visitors With Its Beauty

ulun danu templeIt is no need to question anymore that people share something in common about the mesmerizing temple in Bali named Ulun Danu Temple. The beautiful site which is also known as Lake Bratan’s temple or the floating temple was built around 350 years ago with the beautiful garden that surrounds it.

As you arrive in Ulun Danu Temple, you will be fascinated by the gorgeous volcanic lake which becomes the most attractive parts of this site among the domestics or international tourists. Located in the countryside of Candi Kuning, the temple which is situated in the center of island offers the visitors with the rolling hills that make it breathtakingly stunning must-visit destination in Bali.

What the history and facts behind it?
The establishment of Ulun Danu Temple was carried out in 17th century as an honor of Goddess Dewi Danu because she was the one who played the significant role in dealing with the water availability in Bali.

The history of this site dates back on the reign of Mengwi Kingdom at that moment that speaks about the dedication of eleven stories of meru shrine which is for Shiva and his consort Parvathi. If it deals with the name, Ulun Danu Temple can be literally translated into the head of the lake. The nowadays temple and its surrounding can be said to be the renovation of the locals after the eruption of Mount Batur.

Due to the abundant water availability in Ulun Danu Temple, it is reported that the water in this lake is used to conduct the irrigation system named Subak in the locals’ farm. This unique irrigation system later draws the attention of UNESCO and is now nominated as the UNESCO World Culture Heritage in Indonesia. Such site also represents the unity of religious and social in Bali.

What to do in Ulun Danu Temple?

As you travel around the beautiful Ulun Danu Temple, there are many activities that you can do instead of having stroll. In this regard, you can enjoy the day with shopping at nearby shop with various souvenirs for friends or family.

If you are hungry, you can have a meal in the restaurant which serves you with mouth-watering fresh foods such as prawns, grouper fish poured with various sauces. Do not forget to spend the time to visit the end-west of this site which provides you with the secret tiny temple.

Please stay alert as long as you visit this site due to the pesky monkeys there. In addition, to those who want to enjoy the time, it is advisable to take 15 minutes drive with the speedboat in the lake to see the breathtakingly amazing scenery of the mountain from the short distance.

If you plan to go there, you can get into public transportation that will take you around 45 minutes from Lovina or 1,5 hours from Ubud. As reported in 2016, it is said that you will be charged around 50,000 IDR as you get into Ulun Danu Temple. Make sure to visit the site around 9 am to 8 pm, otherwise this site will be closed.