The Tourism Object of Ujung Water Palace

Ujung Water PalaceIndonesia has one more a beautiful tourism, it is Ujung Water Palace. Ujung Water Palace is called by Taman Sukasada. The object is one of the worthy object to promote because of its beauty. Ujung Water Palace is also often used as a favorite place for pre-wedding photos by visitors from various regions.

Some of you may still be familiar to Ujung Water Palace tourist object. Therefore, please refer to a little discourse about Ujung Water Palace follows.

Take a Tour to Ujung Water Palace

Ujung Water Palace is located in Banjar Ujung, Tumbu Village, Karangasem regency of Bali. When you take a tour to Ujung Water Palace many things it offers. One of them is a beautiful pool that you can enjoy. In addition, there are steps on which there is a pillared building without a roof. Climbing to the stairs over there is a fun thing. So, let’s try it.

The scenery of it is very special where you can see the Ujung beach and the blue sea in the southeast. While in the east you can enjoy the unique charm of Ujung Water Palace architecture. In addition, from the upper east you can see a green hill called Bisbis hill.

When take a tour to Ujung Water Palace you are’not only get everything beautiful and unique over there, but also will see and know the history of it because Ujung Water Palace has a historical value that is still maintained and preserved to this day. The value of history as well as a culture of Indonesia is still remembered.

The Uniqueness of Royal Palace Architecture of Karangasem Bali at Ujung Water Palace

Need to know that at Ujung Water Palace there is a palace resting king of Karangasem Bali. The Royal Palace of Karangasem Bali has architecture by its own uniqueness. This is because there is a merger between Balinese architecture with Europe.

Characteristic type of European architecture can be seen from the colorful glass on the walls of the king’s retreat buildings similar to the design of the European church. You can see the beautiful pool completed by red and white lotus flowers from the window in the king’s rest room.

Currently, the architecture of Taman Sukasada looks no longer like the original. That’s because there have been a variety of historical events that make the architecture of Taman Sukasada be damaged. One of them is the event of Japanese occupation in Bali where the surrounding community uses an iron fence that is there as a weapon to fight.

In 1963 the worst damage occurred when the highest mountain majestically on the island of Bali, it is Agung volcano erupted. Since then, Taman Sukasada has not been treated again. Furthermore, the district government of Karangasem and Karangasem castle fixed it in 2000. Improvements made is not changed the authenticity of the Taman Sukasada.

That’s a little description about tourism object of Ujung Water Palace Bali. The next, see for yourself if the tourism object of Ujung Water Palace is really beautiful and worth to visit.