The Uniqueness Offered By Batuan Village

Batuan VillageBali is famous with its beauty of the nature. Many tourist destinations offered to you when you visit Bali. Those destination including beach, temple, park, old village, etc. For that, one of destination which attracted many people to visit Bali is Batuan village. It is considered as the oldest village which was built in Bali.

When you visit this village, you will be presented by the beauty of the nature which is close with the Bali’s society. So, it has become special attraction for its visitors. For that, bellows are the attraction possessed by Batuan village in Bali:

1. Artists.

Batuan village attraction is not only lies in its beauty of the nature, and its old house, but also it is known has many artists who live in the village. There are many artists there, because most of the society there, work as an artist.

There, they make a variety of art product such as painting and curving. The product is very amazing. It is not only beautiful and charming, but also has high aesthetic value. So, it makes the visitors (Especially foreign tourist) are interested to buy it at an expensive price.

2. Old house.

Not only that, if you look around the building in Batuan Village, then you will see something different there. The houses in this village are totally different with the modern house that we often see today.

First, it can be seen from its size, it looks very small. The walls are made of a mixture of the clay which has been burned, while the roof is made of a woven leaves. In addition, the building is surrounded by the wall, and its only has one small gate that only one person who can pass it.

On the other hand, the small house atmosphere will be turned into wide, when you enter to the yard, at the back home. Indeed, the house looks very small if only seen from the front, but when you have entered to the yard, then you will encounter a very wide home area.

In this area, you will see there are many small pebbles shown on the ground. The pebbles are shown by without no reason, because it used to absorb water when it rains.

3. Puseh temple.

Besides having an attraction of old buildings, Batuan Village are also having the other attraction in the form of Puseh Temple. Balinesse is also called this temple by Kahyangan Tiga Temple. Actually, this temple was built just like the other, namely as place of worship for Hindu people.

But, something which make it different with other temple is because this temple was built so majestic and sturdy.

4. Access.

As you know that Batuan village is located in Sukawati, Gianyar, Bali. It can be reached from Denpasar approximately 14km. If you want to rent vehicle, then you can choose a car or motorcycle for it. It is not difficult to find a rental, because there are many cars and motorcycle rental who are always ready to give his service to you.

In Batuan Village, you can enjoy the beauty of the nature which very beautiful. In addition, you can also feel the past atmosphere that you have never felt before.