The Way How To Spend Your Time In Lovina Beach

Lovina BeachLovina Beach is one of tourist destination known in Bali. It is located approximately 9 km in the west of Singaraja town. This beach is usually dominated by foreign tourist. However, the domestic tourist is also found here, although they are very rare.

The long distance between Ngurah Rai International Airport and Lovina Beach as may be the obstacle for domestict tourist to visit this beach. As it is known that this airport is located at the south end of Bali, while this Beach is located at the north end of Bali. Hovewer, it should not be a major obstacle for them to enjoy the natural beauty of this beach.

Talking about the names, the name of Lovina was coming from the word of “Love” and “ina”. According to Balinesse, the term of love was coming from English language, which means cinta, while “ina” means Indonesia. This term is made by Bali’s people, which has a meaning of “love Indonesia” or “Cinta Indonesia”.

Meanwhile this term is not agree with Panji Tisna context, because he said that the term of love was coming from English language means love, while Ina coming from Bali’s language means mother. So, according to Panji Tisna, Lovina means “love mother”.

Besides admiring the beauty of the beach, the visitor can also enjoy some places and tourist destination area in this beach. One of Lovina Beach attraction is watching dolphins acrobatic and snorkeling. For that, bellows are the information for you:

1. Dolphins acrobatic.

As mentioned above that one of the most popular Lovina Beach attractions is watching a dolphin acrobatic. You can see many cute dolphins directly in the sea. They are not wild, so they can give a special impression to the tourist.

However, to see it, you must go to the sea in the early morning, about at 6 pm. It is because the dolphins will only appear at six until eight in the morning. At that time, they will show you a beautiful attraction and sometime invite you to have a joke.

2. Snorkeling.

Besides watching dolphins acrobatic, the other way to spend your time in Lovina Beach is by doing a snorkeling. As we know that this beach provides undewater beauty of the beach. By snorkeling, you can see the beauty of the beach directly.

There you can find so many adorned fishes which always ready to greet you whenever you are. Besides fish, you will also find the other beach seafolk like coral reef and the other plant grows there.

3. How to access.

Lovina Beach is located in the coast of Bali. This beach can be reached from Denpasar, passing Bedugul, then Singaraja, and end to this Beach. Meanwhile, the trip will be around two hours.

Although you need to spend two hours trip to get Lovina Beach, but you will be presented by dolphins acrobatic and beauty of the nature by snorkeling there. In this case, to see the dolphins acobatic you need to hire a fisherman boat to bring you come to them.