Things Should Be Considered in Sangeh Monkey Forest

Sangeh Monkey ForestSangeh Monkey Forest is one of interesting tourism object in northern Sangeh Village, Abiansemal District Badung Regency that represent the beauty of Bali nature. It is not so far from Denpasar City about 22 km. Sangeh Monkey Forest is one of nature reserve in Indonesia that protects grey long-tailed macaques (Macaca Fascicularis). Macaques is kind of Asian monkey species.

At the front area, you will see Rahwana Statue who is attacked by monkeys. This giant Rahwana statue is made based on the story of Ramayana. Beside it, there is lion statue together with a small monkey which signifies a king of forest who loves baby monkey. Having vacation in this monkey forest, you can introduce an animal and plant sanctuary to your kids.

Sangeh Monkey Forest is recommended place due to the uniqueness. It is a sacred monkey sanctuary. The monkeys live in either woods or seventieth century Pura Bukit Sari. The facilities of this tourist destination has been enhanced like the toilets, food and beverage stalls, art and souvenir shop, parking areas and the visitor trails.

You could find and hire tour guide who wear Balinese traditional cloth to help you. The admission fee is cheap enough, twenty thousand rupiahs for foreigner and ten thousand ruiahs for domestic visitor. It is open from 7.30 AM until 6 PM.

Sangeh Monkey Forest is a worth place to visited but before going there you have to consider these things for the sake of your own safety.

1. You had better not wearing any jewelry ear rings or sunglases

It is to avoid the unexpected things. The monkeys might stole the jewelry and other stuffs from you. It is because this long-tailed macaques once have negative reputation and best known of being adept and mischievous pickpockets. However, over the years the characteristics of these grey monkeys have been improved through the well management by the community.

2. Remember not to disturb the monkey

This Sangeh Monkey Forest is suitable for your family vacation. It is better for you to buy some bananas or cassavas in some stalls near the parking area. Then, you feed the monkey instead of disturbing them. You may also take some pretty pictures with the unique monkeys.

3. Some Forbidden people to visit

Based on oral traditional story, the Sangeh Forest was actually built as a royal garden for a kingdom named Mengwi. Since it is a sacred place, some people in some certain condition had better not come to Sangeh Monkey Forest. For example some people who are still mourning due to the deceased family and women during their periods.

What You Can See In Bali Sangeh Monkey Forest?

In this sanctuary of 13 hectares forestland you will see a lot of monkey kingdoms. Furthermore, you will find nutmeg forest which is the inhabitant of the grey macaques. The special one is the primordial, giant nutmeg trees which is called as Lanang Wadon means Male and Female. It is called so because one of the stem resemble male and female’s genitals.

The another is the Bukit Sari temple. It is sanctified temple which is known as Pura Pucak Sari in the locals. It consists of the largest four temples. In Sangeh Monkey Forest, you will also find some different species of animals.