Tibumana Waterfall, The Mystical Waterfall In Bangli Bali

Tibumana Waterfall

People think that Bali just has beaches as destinations for tourist. If you are the real traveler, you must know that Bali has hidden great destination. As we know that Bali has beaches, beautiful field, lakes, and waterfalls. There is a beautiful waterfall in Apuan village, Bangli. The waterfall is called Tibumana waterfall. It is around 31,6 km from Denpasar Bali.

Many people call this waterfall with “Kembar Waterfall”. Kembar means twin or the two subject with same characteristics. It is caused there are two waterfalls in this area. The waterfall is around 20 meters from the ground. Before you decide to visit this waterfall, you must know information about this destination. After you know many things about this waterfall, you can make your planning to visit this beautiful waterfall.

Information About Tibumana Waterfall

As a tourist in Bali, you must have more knowledge about the tourist destination in Bali. So, you can enjoy your holiday in Bali. It is recommended to adult and teenager that like with difficult trek. Here information for you about Tibumana Waterfall:

1. Contribution Fee

Actually, you must pay a contribution for this place. Do not worry because you just need pay Rp.5000 before you enter the area. It is cheap enough for local tourist. The contribution is used for improve all the facilities for tourist. Remember that, the contribution fee increase when holiday. You must pay your parking area with local inhabitant.

2. Has A Cave

This waterfall has a cave. You cannot enter the cave without direction from local guide. It is danger enough for new visitors. If you want to know about this cave, you can ask with local inhabitant in this area. The cave makes a good scenery for all tourist in this area.

3. A Mystical Waterfall

There are many place in Bali that rich with myth. This waterfall rich with myth. According to the society, this waterfall is a place for Niskala. In their opinion Niskala is a mysterious creature that has strong power. It is the reason why sometimes you cannot swim under the waterfall. The local society believe that Niskala will get angry and all the waterfall will destroyed.

4. Located Around Green Jungle

If you want to arrive in this area, you must pass green jungle. There are many big trees around this waterfall. It is good scenery for you. Do not forget to bring your camera when you visit this place. There are many beautiful spots and you can take many pictures in this jungle. The green jungle will offers fresh air for all visitors.

5. Unique Waterfall

For your information, this waterfall is unique one. In dry season the waterfall just in one part. It means you cannot see the twin waterfall. You just can see one waterfall. In another side, if you come in rainy season, you can see double waterfall. It is very unique for all visitors. You can see different view in different time.

6. Many Wild Birds

It is a good idea to listen sound from wild bird in this area. There are many wild birds and some kinds animal in this jungle. When you visit this place try to keep the environment stay clean. Do not throw trash in this place.

7. Nearby From Other Tourist Destination

After you visit this waterfall, you can move to another tourist destination. It is nearby from Tukad Cepung Waterfall and other destinations in Bangli region. As suggestion, you can make list the places that you want to visit. It is a great holiday if you can visit many destinations in one day.

If you love to explore a place that has a mystical atmosphere, this waterfall is recommended to you. You can invite your friends to visit this place together. If there are children in your group, make sure that they are really safe and you must watch out them in this area.