Tohpati Village: Central Batik In Bali After Central Java

tohpati villageWho knows that Bali also has Batik that quite distinctive in some aspect? In this regard, as you want to travel to Bali for sightseeing, relaxing or holiday, you are encouraged to drop by at Tohpati Village.

As you come over this site, you will learn many things on how locals express their mind through the pattern of beautiful batik starting from making design, waxing, giving color and drying the batik after it undergo the long process.

People who visit Tohpati Village will be amazed on how Balinese can produce the complicated pattern that later becomes the beautiful and artistic batik cloth. In this village, there are also many batik showrooms that provide you with various type of finest batik that later is named as ikat weaving that has intricate pattern.

How to get there?
If you are interested and want to know all the things in dealing with Balinese batik, you can drop by at Tohpati Village. To reach this site where most social community earns money from batik, you need to drive around 12km from Kuta or it takes only an hour.

The impressive products of batik are actually formed by the combination of dots and lines of the melting wax. For the first time, you will experience many things such as the pattern, design and colors will be more apparent as you many times come to visit the site.

What to do there?
When you have arrived in Tohpati Village, you have to be able to control yourself. In this case, you can purchase the batik cloth that has different pattern with different price. The more complicated and beautiful batik, the more expensive the price is. You can pick one of the batik cloth, traditional kebaya and wraps for souvenirs.

A tour to the Tohpati Village also helps you to learn more how the process of hand-made batik. Make sure to take the chance of those who want to practice how to make batik pattern. Tracing back to the past, there are also some traditional tools that used to make batik cloth. Also, there is square metal known as batik tjap which is used to make batik without painting.

Old “tjanting” is also displayed to paint the pattern on the cloth. As you feel happy in Tohpati Village, you will also see the beautiful sea and the tropical island. Having bored and tired to see her, you can go to another tourist attraction that possesses beautiful natural panorama.

International visitors always arrange the itinerary to drop by at Tohpati Village for different purposes such as buying the batik or enjoying the process. This helps enrich the knowledge for the individual, since the processes undergo many steps in attempt to make the cloth looks more beautiful. Different pattern speaks about the story of life, mythology or religion.

Due to its strategic location, Tohpati Village can be reached from different ways. Make sure to prepare enough budget before going to the batik village, since you absolutely cannot hold back the desire to purchase the beautiful clothes.