Top Thing To Do During Your Holiday In Kintamani Bali

kintamani baliAmong hundred tourist attractions in Indonesia, Bali seems to be the most inviting place to visit. The nature, cultures and traditions always become the major interest among the locals and foreigners who come to visit for different reasons.

One of the very best sites to visit is Kintamani Bali in which it offers the visitors with the breath-taking panorama with some thrilling activities. It is because as you step your foot in the site, you will feel challenged to do many adventurous activities from chasing the beautiful crimson sun rise to trekking the most challenging mountain with the extraordinarily amazing scenery.

No wonder if many tourists make a halt for some days to enjoy the long holiday in Kintamani Bali. Thus, set aside the time and take a tour to feel the true atmosphere of the island of Goddess as nature challenges you to conquer the life in this site. Below are some of challenging activities that you can do as long as you travel and explore the beauty of Kintamani Bali.

Trekking to Mount Batur for Beautiful Sun Rise

As you are permitted to have the challenging trekking to Mount Batur, it is the time to head out for the thrilling journey for the warmth of the sun in the early morning. Just spur your adrenaline to trek the 1717 meter of beautiful mountain that offers you with marvelous magnificence.

In this regard, the Kintamani Bali that offers the visitors with the mount trekking will lead them to the difficult path that ends with shocking beautiful panorama. Just go to this Hindu sacred mountain before the dawn falls and as you are drawn from distance, you will discover the stunning nature that you are obliged to capture.

Helicopter Ride Over the Kintamani Mountain

If you want to enjoy the breathtakingly amazing of Kintamani volcano in Kintamani Bali, you can get into the helicopter and it will take you over the mount to see the beautiful panorama. This unforgettable experience of the bird’s eye view can be enjoyed around 20 minutes. But, you will be offered with the exotic and stunning jade caldera which is situated between the majestic volcanoes.

Cultural tour in Kintamani Bali

Bali’s culture is something that deserves to explore, since its variety offers the uniqueness that hides the story. This cultural activity will let you to get in touch with the traditional culture of Balinese. In this regard, you will be accompanied to explore the village and enjoy the traditional dances named Barong dance.

Then, you will be taken to the beautiful panorama of the Tegalalang rice terrace as you marvel throughout the vast area of the land. After that, you will also visit the coffee plantation where you can enjoy the true taste of every sip of hot coffee in Kintamani Bali.

Among the tourist attraction in Bali, Kintamani Bali would be advisable to visit since it offers the visitor with many interesting activities. The culture is also something that deserves to learn more since it has the uniqueness that differs from any others. So, pack your belongings and book the ticket for touring to Bali right now.