Trekking The Beautiful Git Git Waterfall For Its Amazing Pristine Panorama

git git waterfalThe pristine panorama in Bali can be found as you make a trip to the nature where the green vegetation with the fresh air is still kept for the peacefulness. This can be seen when you visit the most amazing Git Git waterfall which has been widely known among the tourist who make a trip to the northern part of Bali.

The richness of its biodiversity makes the million tourists from all over part of world come to visit the island of God and encourage them to put Bali especially Git Git waterfall as the must-see destination during the long holiday.

As you pass by the beautiful rice field with the amazing sun shine behind the mountain, there hides a breath-taking waterfall which its beauty take all the visitors breath away. This absolutely makes the journey to the Git Git waterfall will be as memorable as the natural panorama offers its beauty to the visitors.

Where is It Situated?

Located in the northern part of Bali, Git Git waterfall easily can be reached by taking 12 km southern part from Singaraja. As you have arrived in the parking lot, you will be guided to walk along the cement path that offers you with the beautiful clove plantation, stalls which sells some souvenirs and handicrafts with the jungle in some part of the path.

It can be said that the path heading to the waterfall is quite easy to navigate, but you need to walk step by step in every stairs that would be tiresome. But, this will meet an end as you hear the roar of the waterfall with the air turns fresh.

Like any other places in Bali, Git Git waterfall is also considered as the sacred place for locals Hindu because there is a small temple which is wrapped by the poleng cloth. If you want to have the right time for pleasure in that site, you are encouraged to visit at 10.00 in the morning when the bus starts to take you there and the stalls starts to offer you with many crafts. But, make sure to prepare money around Rp 10,000 and Rp 5,000 for adults and children in the main entrance.

What To Do In Git Git Waterfall

If you have arrived in this amazing waterfall, there are some activities that you can do to refresh your mind. The fresh air will make you feel so enjoyable and the cold water pounding the rocks under the water from the 35 meter of the waterfall always invite you to swim under the falling water.

No wonder if you will find some toilets and changing rooms nearby the Git Git waterfall. If you want to purchase souvenirs, you can shop some crafts in the stalls with the reasonable price for tourists.

The beauty of Git Git waterfall will never end and always invite domestics and foreigners make a halt for a moment to enjoy the beauty of the nature with the fresh air. This impressive tourist destination is worth visiting if you are fed up with beaches in Bali or when you make a trip to the northern part of Bali. People who have visited there are dare to give you hundred percent of guarantee of the natural beauty of that site.