Welcome To The Epic Heritage Site In Bali, Kertagosa


Bali lovers, how have you been? Do you want to spend your holiday in Bali again? Do not be afraid. Bali will always offer the enchanting places to visit. The one you should try is Kertagosa. Kertagosa is the historical building in Bali. It is different from the other provinces in Indonesia. It is built for a long time ago and known for its uniqueness. Are you curious about it? Here is some information you can read.

What Is The History Behind The Place?

Bali as the cultural region in Indonesia has lots of histories. One of them is the history of Kertagosa. The name itself is actually taken from the word Gosita meaning announced or built. Basically, it is about the Klungkung Kingdom. Ida I Dewa Agung Jambe is the ruler governed the Semarapura Klungkung Palace. However, it has been restored for many times as the heritage site in Indonesia. It is like a ‘bale’ the place to gather around and accept the justice from the king. This site is found in about 18th century. But then, when the Dutch company arrived in Indonesia, it is taken by the Dutch government. Then the rules made is also changed following the Dutch’s. The building is used to announce and persecute the criminals.

Where Is It Located?

Kertagosa is located in Semarapura town. People need about 40 kilometers from the east of the downtown. It can actually be found in Puputan street near Klungkung. The location is actually in the east part of Klungkung. You can also find it on the Google Maps to make it easier.

How About The Fee To Enter?

To enjoy the historical architecture here, people are asked for about Rp. 12.000,00 to enter. It is included in the ‘sarung’ and ‘selendang’ like clothes to enter the building. Every person should use them because it belongs to the everlasting tradition there.

How To Get There?

From the headquarter of Bali, Denpasar, people can across Puputan street. After that, follow the Prof Dr. Ida Bagus Mantra street towards the east direction. You can go by your own motorcycle or you can go by ‘ojek’ around the place. It is cheap enough actually than you should ride your own yourself. However, it’s up to you just enjoy the place and ask some people around if you doubt about something.

What Are The Uniqueness Of Kertagosa?

As the other historical buildings, it has many things that can attract the people to see it. Here are some of them.

The Paintings

The paintings or the reliefs in the walls come from the story of Wayang. Basically, as the history of the building itself, it tells the visitor about rewards and punishment. The punishment when they do crime or violate the government rules. However, the reward will be given to whom did the deed and obey the government rules.

The Roof

From the very front of the building, people can see the paintings on the roof. It is different from the paintings in the walls. The difference is that besides telling about reward and punishment, they tell people about the reincarnation of the people who should redeem their sins so that they can be the good people in the life after death.

The Service

People will be served by the professional guides and the friendly ones. They will guide you and tell you about the history, the structure and the function of the building. You can ask them everything and get lots of knowledge about the place more of course.

The Structure Of The Building

Basically, the building has three main parts. They are Medal Agung building, Bale Kambang, and Bale Kertagosa. Medal Agung is the main gate of the Klungkung kingdom in the past. While Bale Kambang is surrounded by some pools called Taman Gili. And the last is Bale Kertagosa is the place to discuss the policy in the kingdom about its wealth, safety and also the place for persecution.


In the museum, you can find historical arts like crafts. There are also some documentations about the Klungkung king and kingdom.