West Bali National Park, Enchanting Educational Tour

West Bali National ParkBali is a tourist destination which offers a complete tourist destination such as nature, craft, art, religious, and even education. There, there are many places you can be visited. However, not all places can be visited at a time right? So, you need to choose one of them based on your feeling.

For example, if you want to have travel to enjoy the beauty of the nature, so visiting West Bali National Park can be the best choice for you. This place is very suitable for you whom like to close with the nature and enjoy to seeing the beauty of it.

This place becomes a conservation area of flora and fauna which belongs to Bali, either protected, rare, or even many still in number. By this, you can not only feel close to the nature, but also can introduce various kinds of flora and fauna to your children.

This place offers a truly amazing the beauty of the nature, so you will not be disappointed to visit this conservation area.
1. Unique ecosystem
West Bali National Park has a very unique ecosystem. It is a combination between marine ecosystem and terrestrial ecosystem. The marine ecosystem includes shallow sea waters, mangrove forest, etc. Meanwhile, the terrestrial ecosystem is including costal forest, lowland rainforest, savanahs, and seasonal forest. Flora and fauna

There are many flora and fauna in West Bali National Park. First, you can find endemic starling (Leucopsar rothchildi), wild cats (Felis Bengalensis), deer (cervus timorensis), bull (bos javanicus), gray monkey (macaca fasicularis), black macaque (presbytes criscata) deer (muntiacus muntjak) mouse deer (tragulus javanicus) and many more birds and reptiles. Meanwhile, the flora you can find here such as cendana (santalum album), bayur (pterospermum diversifolium), sono keling (dalbergia latifolia), sawo kecik (manilkara kauki).

West Bali National Park is the last habitat for Bali’s Starling. This bird is a starling bird that only lives in Bali. However, the population is decrease from time to time. One of the reasons is because it is very difficult to catch, and it needs requires close control.

2. Menjangan Island
In West Bali National Park, you can also visit Menjangan Island. Just like the name, this island the place where menjangan lives. Menjangan is the other name of deer. This place becomes one of the favorites place for tourist, because they can find many deers there.

Although like that, you can do the different activity besides seeing the deer, that is enjoying the beauty of the sea. There, you can do diving. By that, you can see various kinds of fishes and beautiful coral.

3. Access
West Bali National Park is located in Buleleng regency, Bali, Indonesia. It is approximately three hours from Gilimanuk Seaport. The location is very easy to be reached. There you can go by using your private vehicles, or rely on public transportation like taxi, car rental, bus, etc.

West Bali National Park is a destination which offer not only the beauty of the nature to the tourist, because there they can learn and feel close with the nature. You can also introduce your child about the flora and fauna, so they can directly learn with nature.