Your Complete Guide To A Fun Holiday At Nirmala Waterpark

Nirmala Water Park

When you go to the beaches around Uluwatu such Green Bowl Beach and Balangan Beach, you might pass Nirmala Waterpark. So why don’t just stop by and have some excitement there? The place is very suitable for your family holiday as there will be numbers of pools you can enjoy. Have an unforgettable experience with your children or friend there.

Location of Nirmala Waterpark

This waterpark is situated at JL. Pantai Balangan No. 1 Ungasan. It is within the area of South Kuta, Badung Bali. The location is pretty strategic. It is in line with Balangan Beach, one of the surfing paradise in Southern Kuta coast. Therefore, this place is frequently visited by both international and domestic tourists. To get there, you need 30 minutes from the Ngurah Rai International Airport. For the complete guide, check your mobile map.

Ticketing Information at Nirmala Waterpark

Nirmala was established in 2011 and now this waterpark is open daily from 8 am to 6 pm. About the ticketing, it starts from 30K for children and 50K for adults. Family Package is also available with 300K for 8 persons. The other package is School Package with 850K for 50 students. The ticket price is applied for all day long, either for domestic or international tourist. Try the online ticketing for discount and advantages.

Things You Should Try At Nirmala Waterpark

Not merely provides the guest with regular swimming pool, Nirmala provides numbers of water excitements. You are able to try many kinds of activities in the available pools. Starts from challenging flying fox to the relaxing sunbathing, this place enables you to have some fun activities. Here are the things you should try at Nirmala:

1. Swimming

Just like the common waterparks, Nirmala provides some pools for you to swim. this place also provides children pool where you can let your children safely play with water. Swimming equipment is also available such as swimming board, swimming tube, and swimming ring. It doesn’t matter if you or your children can’t swim well. This equipment will help you.

Want a more challenging swimming experience? You should try the wave pool, the long pool with the exciting artificial wave. The other available pools are the Olympic pool, and Big bang Water boom.

2. Water Sliding

Talking about water sliding, this place will make you stand in awe for the water slides. Nirmala has numbers of amazing water slides such as Rounder Slides, Spiral Slider, and Speed Racing Slider. The water slides along with the pool enable you to have thrilling yet exciting experience of water sliding. Just don’t forget to wear your swimming gear to keep you protected.

3. Mini Flying Fox

Not only outstanding with its water excitement, Nirmala also provides mini flying fox. The waterpark with “Fun and Educated Water Recreation” support the physical movement of children. Therefore, this place provides the mini flying fox which is good to stimulate children adrenaline and excitement. Not only for children, the flying fox is also available for adult visitors.

4. Relaxation

Want to have a relaxing time after the tiring water activities? The long chairs are available for you to lie down and have some rest. You will also love the shady and cool place for those comfortable and inviting chairs. You can just order food and beverage from the available restaurant and mini pool bar. Or you just want to lie down while reading a book? This place will give you a go.

5. Gathering

Not only for personal excitement, this waterpark also provides you some spaces for social gathering. You are able to make use of the gazebo, garden, of the restaurant. It is nice to have a social or family gathering while having so much fun playing with water. What a perfect combo for your fun purposeful holiday.